Douglas Hotel Patio Culinary & Unique Cocktail Event

Garnish self-serve station to top off your unique fresh juice cocktail at the DOUGLAS Spring Patio Event.

The PRIME Event Partners team attended a Marriott Hotels exclusive event at their luxurious Autograph Collection, the DOUGLAS in Vancouver.

Details on the Scene

The event was held in one of four spacious suites at the DOUGLAS on the sixteenth floor. A beautiful grand piano made an impression as soon as we entered the unit, but the upstairs private rooftop patio was “where the party was at”. The glass sliding doors fully opened the space to the gleaming sunshine. Some guests basked in the sun, while others stayed cool in the lounge area indoors.

The Culinary Experience 

A charming server walked around and offered a few different hand-held bite-sized appetizers from the moment we arrived. At the same time, the tables in the shade were decked out with mini individually plated seafood options that remained cool, resting on a mountain of shaved ice. Last but not least, was the hot lamb & veggies station equipped with a chef that sliced and served the delicious shanks.

The culinary experience as a whole was very tasty and interactive. Many of us gave into a second…and even a third helping!

The Star of the Event

The star of the event was without a doubt the unique juice bar. All of the ingredients were locally sourced from Yaletown and included an array of healthy yet delicious options ranging from celery to ginger, pineapple to carrot. The master mixologist, Damien, then paired the fresh-pressed elixirs with a liquor of your choice, including the hotel’s very own branded Douglas Gin. The key was to allow the bartender to work his magic and craft a concoction based on your taste preference. After your drink was presented, you were to visit the garnish bar which boasted some beautiful and colourful accents.

Everyone networked with one another, sharing which ingredients made up their personal cocktail/mocktail. No two beverages were exactly the same, and that made for a great point of conversation amongst the guests.

Key Event Take Away(s)

  1. A fresh juice cocktail/mocktail bar is the perfect must-have spring/summer feature for an outdoor event. It is on trend with the current health focus, but also, just refreshing and easy to drink under the sun.
  2. The use of “ready-made, fresh-pressed” juices allows for a quick and easy experience at the bar. This kept the wait time short versus the case for a juicer or blender.
  3. The juice bar idea is perfect for a guest list of up to 40 people, allowing sufficient time for each guest to have an interactive experience with the bartender to create a personalized drink, without making for a line up at the bar.
  4. Having a master mixologist design unique concoctions is a great way to spark conversation among your guests and gets everyone to exclaim that your event was a “best-ever”.
  5. Offering a self-serve garnish station as well as ready-to-eat appetizers, in addition to served options (by the bartender, chef, and server), made for virtually no wait time and allowed guests to eat and drink while they enjoyed the event.
  6. Careful consideration of food types given the warm outdoor setting was critical to the outstanding experience. The cool seafood items were able to be left outdoors as they were on ice, while the lamb shank continued to keep warm under the sun. That’s delightful!
  7. Utilizing a combination of self-serve and server options allowed for the impression of being taken care of without the guests needing to endure wait times or the host having to overspend on service personnel.
  8. The option of the sunny patio, but also the indoor/shaded cool space for those who don’t fancy the sun is welcomed for warmer temperature events. Remember that everyone has a different preference/tolerance for the sun.

So overall, be sure to provide OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS when it comes to what is being served and how it is served. The event was carefully thought through and each detail delivered flawlessly. We had a great time and thank the Marriott properties for inviting the PRIME Event Partners to partake in this exclusive event!