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When challenges arise, we get creative behind the scenes. Count on
PRIME Event Partners to be the problem-solvers you need to make
things matter what!


A gala evening in Costa Rica was planned down to the last detail. Only no one planned on a hurricane coming our way halfway through the night. With limited time to respond, our people on the ground organized a full evacuation, VIP style. We had police escorts and dedicated vehicles, and transported each guest safely to the hotel. In every room, wine and gourmet snacks were waiting for them. And the following day, we recreated the Awards portion of the evening that had been cancelled – and of course, the cocktails we served were hurricanes! Over the years, we've 'weathered' many similar challenges. 


OK Tires Stores Inc.

“The professionalism, dedication, and patience demonstrated by all members of your team…were instrumental in the success of the (event).”

Royal Secretary and Royal Tour Coordinator

OK Tires Stores Inc.

“Throughout our three-year relationship with PRIME, I have been very impressed with their ability to manage the bottom-line budget and deliver seamless programs. They offer timely advice and I really appreciate their flexible approach.”


Coca-Cola Limited

“An amazing company to work with. They were there throughout the entire process, from conceptualization through to tear-down. We greatly valued their professionalism and expertise when it comes to planning and executing large corporate events.”

HR Coordinator


“Thank you for keeping me on track and our budgets as well. You take away any uncertainty. Your attention to detail is phenomenal”

Director of Worldwide HCP Marketing


“Thank you for your leadership, guidance and support – you moved our conference from ‘good’ to ‘great!’”


The Queen was being feted at a State dinner in Toronto – during a very atypical Canadian heat wave. One hour before she was to appear, the power in the hotel went down. We went to work with our supplier partners to contingency plan everything: power from the backup generators, cocktails by candlelight, and unplugged entertainment. And minutes before the start, the power returned, meaning we had to rewire everything again. Meanwhile the kitchen had been unable to prep, so we enlisted a culinary school that had power, to cook the main course. The steaks arrived just in time - from across the city, complete with a police escort. We were honoured to receive a letter of congratulations from the Government leaders
who hosted.


When you plan a corporate event in the middle of the desert outside Dubai in January, you don’t get to fully plan in advance. An annual holiday there gets announced just days prior. So for the desert celebration, we had to wait until the last minute to confirm the date. And then coordinate transporting every amenity by jeep with just 48 hours’ notice – 100 jeep loads! The party went off beautifully, none of the guests knew about the scramble, and that’s just the way it should be.