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bringing your vision to life
PRIME provides you with your very own orchestrator, conductor, and performers
strategic planning / design
To engage & meet all
of your objectives
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The PRIME Event Partners company has always been about
creating awesome experiences.

We know that powerful memories result from people feeling
inspired, emotional and connected.


29 years ago, our founder Jonathan Buchwald envisioned recognition and appreciation trips Beyond the Ordinary. Ones that would have lasting impact and take participants on emotional journeys that deepened individual and organizational ties.

Along the way, we added conferences, tradeshows and sponsorship activation services.
Clients are looking for opportunities to team-build, celebrate and personalize, so we
have revamped, re-invented and integrated great ideas, to continue to be a leader in
our chosen space. 


Think mail-in or faxed registration forms, paper airline tickets, and actual 35mm slides. Technology has put this all online. Hotel options were limited. Hawaii was considered an exotic destination. Today, the range of hotel experiences is vast. Far-flung travel is in demand, as are corporate culture celebrations, personalization, branding and community.

While the specifics have changed, our approach hasn’t. We still 'craft' each program in collaboration with clients, take the pressing after-hours calls, make magic happen with budgets and say 'YES' to the wildest ideas!


Into a Go-To Event Partner for leading organizations, producing 'best-ever' business events and amazing group travel. We cater to medium-to-large businesses and governments who want to bring people together to create, learn, grow, celebrate and build culture. We do this locally, across North America and to sun and cultural destinations around the world.

In everything we do, we bring our original vision of creating special events and journeys that thrill. Our business is about more than just flawless logistics; it’s about connecting your people and nurturing their growth.